Volume I: 20 nudes from male master photographers
For this exhibition, 28 Vignon Street brings together 20 nude images from master photographers of various backgrounds and times. Some images may surprise the viewer because the author is less known for his nude photography. It is interesting to see the way in which artists like Harry Gruyaert, Louis Stettner or Arnold Newman - famous for their use of colour, street photography or carefully composed portraiture and still life photography - apply their typical style and method in their version of this classic motif from art history. From the classic artistic portrait, to the exploration of movement, forms, shapes and lines: this unique selection illustrates the endless opportunities that come to the surface when the pure human body gets the leading role.

For volume I (F >< M) only images from male photographers were selected. Volume II (M >< F, to be announced soon) will explore what happens when a woman takes place behind the lens.
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