Árpád Szabados

Árpád Szabados was born 1944 in Hungary. Graduated at the Hungarian Fine Arts Academy in 1968.
1969-74 leading teacher at the practising school of the Eötvös University. 1970-84 founder and leader of the GYIK (Children’s workshop) at the Hungarian National Gallery. 1975-99 fine arts editor of the Mozgó Világ (literary and art monthly). He wrote and directed his own series for children (Varázsolló, Játék a GYIK Műhelyben, Hét színvilág) at the Hungarian TV.
1984-2010 was teaching at the Hungarian Fine Arts University. 1991 university professor, department leader of the Visual Education. 1995-2002 rector, till 2009 director of the doctorate program and teaching painting class. 2010 Professor Emeritus. 2011-14 lecturer at the Pázmány P. Catholic University.
1995-97 chairman of the Hungarian Art University’s Rectors association. 1996-2002 member of the Higher Education’s Scientific Board. 20012 Member of the Hungarian Accreditation Committees Art Section. He is the Merited Artist of Hungary and Munkácsy prize winner. Honourable professor of the Indiana University USA. 2013 Member of the Hungarian Academy
He had more then eighty one man show and participated on nearly three hundred exhibition in Hungary and abroad. He had received several professional prize, between them: Grand Prix at the International Biennale, Ljubljana. Main Prise for Painting, at the International Biennale, Ankara. The prize of the critic’s at the International Print Biennale, Krakow. Painting I. prize at the International Biennale, Kassa. Silver medal, at Norwegian International Biennale. Grad Prix (twice) and the Szalay Lajos prize at the Hungarian drawing Biennale, Salgótarján Grand prix at the Hungarian Print Biennale, Miskolc. The prize of the Hungarian Art Association at the International Graphic Biennale, Győr.
He had lived and worked in Budapest.

1968 – graduated from the Hungarian College of Fine Arts in Budapest.

1969-1974 – senior teacher in the Apáczai Cs. J. Practicing School of ELTE.

1970-84 – founder and leader of the GYIK Workshop of the Hungarian National Gallery.

1975-1990 –fine arts editor of MOZGÓ VILÁG progressive magazine. He prepared series on fine arts for children in the Hungarian Television

From 1984 – he has taught at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He was a Chairman of Department since 1991.

1995-2002 – Rector of the University. He is a Merited Artist, winner of the Munkácsy Prize and the honorary professor of the University of Indiana. He has had more than eighty individual exhibitions and he has participated in over two hundred international and domestic exhibitions. He has won more than thirty professional prizes (including Grand Prix International Drawing Biennale, Ljubljana. Painting Grand Prix, International Fine Arts Biennale, Ankara. Prize of Critics, International Biennale of Graphic Art, Cracow. 1st prize in painting, International Painting Biennale, Kosice. Silver Medal, International Biennale of Graphic Art, Norway. Grand Prix, National Biennale of Graphic Art and National Biennale of Drawing, (on two occasions), Szalay Lajos Prize, the latest: International Biennale of Graphic Art, Győr, 2005, the prize of the Association of Hungarian Graphic Artists and the Foundation for Hungarian Graphic Art.
2016- He get the Rector Emeritus Award from The Hungarian University of Fine Arts.
2013–2017: Hungarian Academy of Arts, Full member
2017- He died in Budapest

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