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Where We Met – Special Edition

Books > Special editions

Yamamoto Masao

Publisher: Lannoo

Language: Japanese, English

Medium: Hardcover

Size: 32 x 24 cm

Pages: 127

Edition: 58/1000

Signed and numbered by ARPAÏS du bois, exhibition card signed by Masao Yamamoto, envelope with small photograph by Masao Yamamoto, stamped and signed

This book is a wonderful conversation between images by the Japanese photographer, Masao Yamamoto (1957), and drawings by the Belgian artist, ARPAÏS du bois (1973). Between two worlds that are thousands of miles apart, between East and West, both artists understand each other perfectly in their shared passion for purity and simplicity - offering so much information and emotion with such a minimum of resources.

The book has been sold out for a long time.

This special edition includes the book (edition 58/1000), signed and numbered by ARPAÏS du bois, an exhibition card signed by Masao Yamamoto and an envelope containing a small photograph by Masao Yamamoto, stamped and signed by the artist. The photograph, fitting in the palm of one's hand, is meant by the artist to carry along like a talisman. The image is a surprise.


Influenced by the principles of Zen Buddhism and Shintoism, Yamamoto  Massao believes that beauty and happiness can only derive from ...Read more

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