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Mircea Suciu
With a text by Jurriaan Benschop
Publisher: Hannibal, Zeno X and Koenig
Language: English
Medium: Softcover
Size: 29 x 22 cm
Pages: 112

incl. btw
“We tend to blame someone else: god, evil, destiny. There is no evil; there is no god; we are to blame in all cases. It is our weakness; it is the corruption of our minds and souls that creates the problems we confront in our society. The lack of education is the main factor that drives us into the pit of these sad moments. Our lack of involvement produces these catastrophic events. From dictatorship to war to climate change, we as individuals and as a society are the ones responsible.Standing, watching in oblivion, we expect a higher entity to solve this mess, and if it does not, we blame it on evil. The war we are experiencing is within ourselves.”
(Mircea Suciu)

This book gives an overview of the recent works of Mircea Suciu (b. 1978, Romania). Over the years he has developed a unique technique which combines oil, acrylic and monoprint. This unique process enables him to touch upon a wide range of political and social subjects with the necessary complexity. He juxtaposes representational imagery and abstraction in order to escape the single perspective or narrative. Suciu often works in series in an attempt to get to the essence of an image. The catalogue includes a text by Berlin-based writer and curator Jurriaan Benschop.

"What makes Mircea Suciu’s work so intriguing is its stratification, which takes the form of a battered pictoriality that reformulates and reconstructs itself within the painting’s skin, before disintegrating again in the viewing."
(Luc Tuymans)

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