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Post Card Series #1 / Palmographs

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Bruno V. Roels
Publisher: Bruno V. Roels
Language: English
Medium: 2 softcovers
Size: 28 x 21 cm
Pages: 52 (Post Cards Series #1) and 96 (Palmographs)

Currently out of stock!
Post Card Series #1

Post Card Series #1 is a self-published zine that gives an overview of a series of 80 post cards that I customized and sent to 80 different people after a simple 'if you want a post card, leave me your address' message on instagram.​All post cards have been 'edited' with black Indian ink and/or self-adhesive labels.


Palmographs is a self-published zine.

​A photogram is a photographic image made by placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive material (typically photographic paper) and then exposing it to light.

I call them Palmographs because I use leaves of exotic plants to make the images.

Normally, photograms are made on light-sensitive paper and that’s very easy to do in the safe light of a dark room.

These are Palmographs made on Kodak TMax 400 film. I developed the film like I would any other and then ran it through the scanner. I left all weird exposures, scratches, dust, hairs...

Born in 1976, Bruno Roels lives and works in Ghent (Belgium). He divides his time between writing and photographing. He considers the act ...Lees verder

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