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Harri Peccinotti

Great Britain, 1935
Harri Peccinotti is an advertising art director, graphic designer and fashion photographer who strongly influenced the fashion world of today. His sensual images typically feature unusually cropped, close-up shots of the female form and the face in particular. His photographs of lips and hands with nails in vivid colors, a mouth around a pink lollipop and attractive gleaming bodies are undoubtedly very suggestive, but never explicitly pornographic.

Peccinotti acquired great acclaim as the first art director of the magazine Nova, first published in 1965 and remembered for its innovative design, typography, photography and journalistic content, that was more adapted to the interests of modern women at the time. Besides his role as art director, Peccinotti also made photographs for the magazine, a role in which he made name for himself as one of the first professional fashion photographers to photograph and publish images of black models.

After working as an art director for Flair, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Vogue, Peccinotti decided to become a full-time photographer, still creating content for many of the same magazines. He is also known for his collaborative design in the restyling of the French daily newspaper Le Matin with David Hillman in the 1970s.

Peccinotti achieved particular renown for his erotic imagery for the Pirelli calendars of 1968 and 1969, in collaboration with designer Derek Birdsall. The first calendar paired love poems with photographic interpretations of these verses. The images were shot on the Tunisian island of Djerba and show non-traditional close-up shots of details and body parts of seductive women. In the second calendar Peccinotti featured nonprofessional Californian models in various stages of undress.

Peccinotti currently lives and works in Paris.

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