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Pierre Molinier

France, 1900-1976
Pierre Molinier was a French surrealist painter, photographer and "maker of objects" known for his autoerotic photos. Molinier began his artistic practice as a painter of landscapes and worked according to the fauvist and impressionist styles. After the Second World War, Molinier explored the erotic and fetishistic influences that would later characterize his work. In 1955, Molinier develops a correspondence with the surrealist André Breton who encourages him. However, Breton, famous for his homophobia, will later withdraw his support for Molinier. 

In 1965, Molinier made self-portraits and auto-erotic photomontages in his apartment in Bordeaux, which he called his boudoir. These photos show Molinier or sometimes male models wearing lingerie and engaged in erotic games. Silhouettes are often photomontaged to obtain vertical or radial symmetries.

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