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John Van Oers

Belgium, 1967
Chance as strategy. Someone once described the term ‘serendipity’ as looking for a pin in a haystack and coming out with the farmer's daughter. In a similar fashion and with a dash of intelligent humour, John Van Oers sets out to find the surprise in the process, the pearl in the shell, the unexpected yet marvelous twist in the story. 

Selected solo exhibitions: 2019 U.L. 19-03, The Balcony, The Hague; Art Brussels (with Valerie Traan in collaboration with Rossicontemporary) 2018 Hush-Hush, Art Borgloon, Borgloon; U.L. 018-1, Behind Bars, Antwerp;  My Hands Smell Funny, Rossicontemporary, Brussels 2017 Turn Around And Close The Door, gallery De Ziener, Asse. This Now and Then, Rossicontemporary, Brussels;2016 We Used to Eat A Lot of Potatoes, Ruimte Morguen, Anterpen; John Van Oers, Cultuurcentrum, Hasselt 2015 Short Cuts, Rossicontemporary, Brussels; My Hometown Part II, Spaceburo, Antwerp 2012 Cityscape I, Ruimte Morguen, Antwerp; City Scape II (Take a Walk), De Ruimte, Borgerhout
Selected group exhibitions: 2019 MDD Auction 13th edition, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, FlexXL, Ghent; _wals03_ Vincent De Roder, Frederic Geurts, John Van Oers, _wals_, Herzele 2018 Krasj 4, Ninove; 139 X Nothinh But Good, Park, Tilburg; Tussen Muren, Stedelijke Kunstacademie, Tielt; 2017 Strong Waters, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles; No, unless round is funny... Cultuurcentrum de Werft, Geel; 2016 Model World. Scheme And Model in The Thinking of Architects And Artists, Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem; 30 Jaar De Ziener, De Markten, Brussels; Some Shelf of The Universe, Luyck Gallery, Tilburg; Au lieu, Rossicontemporary, Brussels 2015 Deviation(s), Eva Steynen, Antwerp; John van Oers - Nicoline Van Stapele, Cultuurcentrum, Hasselt; Luc Hoekx - John Van Oers, D’Apostrof, Deinze; Greet Billet - Dirk Verhaegen - John Van Oers, EL Gallery, Welle; Een groep, De Ziener, Asse; StadBuitenStad, De Singel, Antwerp 2014 Splash, Contemporary Art Platform WARP, Antwerp; Van stof tot Asse, International Triennial of Contemporary Art, Asse; Filip Verreyke - John Van Oers. Environment, Ruimte Morguen, Antwerp; Prize for Sculpture of the City of Mechelen Ernest Albert, Mechelen; Roeland Tweelinckx - Chris Van Der Veken - John Van Oers,  Pop Up Osijek, Esseker Centar, Osijek; Lovejoy Unit-1, Spaceburo, Antwerp; Park, Platform for Visual Arts, Tilburg 2013 Aimer-Penser-Créer…, Ampersand House, Brussels; Revisited, Secondroom, Antwerp; Roeland Tweelinckx - John Van Oers, Alpine Club Boechout, Antwerp; Koen Broucke, Bram Kinsbergen, John Van Oers, Gratis Toegang,  Secret Kitchen Gallery, Westmalle; Urban Landscape #1, Workplace, Space for Contemporary Art, Antwerp 2012 Leaving for a living, Art and Advise, Hasselt;  BHART #01. Festival for Contemporary Art, Borgerhout; nominated for Grand prix, Prize for Sculpture of the City of Mechelen Ernest Albert,  Mechelen.

Integration of monumental sculptures in public spaces: A home for a sculpture, in cooperation with Radio 2 and the Province of East Flanders 2018; 90° Overturn, WCZ Sint-Isabella, Arendonk, 2015; Brieven aan de toekomst, Beeldenpark Karel I, Arendonk, 2012; VAGGA, Healthcare Center, Antwerp, 2011

Bibliography: John Van Oers, self-published, 2015

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